Automating the Business Process

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About this course

In this course you will learn advanced WorkFusion implementation techniques and learn how to convert business requirements into a WorkFusion business process architecture. The foundation for all the modules in this course is the concept of a real business process. We will focus on a common process in a company's accounts payable department: data entry from an invoice document. 

What you'll learn

Creating, modifying and running robotic bots to automate day-to-day tasks, using Intelligent Automation Cloud.
Operationalizing the use of robotic bots through Control Tower.
Real business case creation.
Interpreting results and troubleshooting.

Who is this course for

This course is for business process analysts and others who are working on building a WorkFusion business process architecture from business requirements.


Flexible & 100% online course

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.


Approx 20 hours to complete

The course is self-guided and suggested 6-8 hours/week.

Course content

The course consists of several modules. Each module contains an assignment along with training videos, links to user guides and all other necessary materials to help you complete it. Each module ends with a short quiz or assignment to recap your knowledge. If, after completing all quizzes, you achieve the minimum required score, you will receive a course diploma.

Data Flow and Business Process Design

Understand the inner structure of a real business case example and refresh the knowledge in Intelligent Automation Cloud Control Tower features. Learn how to work with data and how to pass it between steps, handle, split and save it.

Mastering Business Process in Control Tower

Learn how to create Business Process (BP) from scratch or use OOTB BP, how to add bots to BP, correct them, export already made BP and create business rules and manual tasks.

Bots creation with WorkFusion Studio

This module will teach you how create bots using code-less approach with WorkFusion Studio.

Intelligent Automation Cloud Business Edition

In this module, you will learn the differences in logic between running the same business process on one bot and on multiple bots in parallel.

Advance Exception Handling Approach

Learn some advanced exception handling approaches, that can be implemented in Business Processes.

Why to learn

Why to learn

Intelligent Automation Cloud is an exceptionally useful automation tool that benefits both individuals and organizations as a whole. It allows companies to increase productivity and scale their business while acting as a launching pad for professional growth for employees.

What’s included


Learning materials

14 video tutorials and examples
20 articles
8 assignments
1 final quiz
Access to RPA community forum

Access to RPA community forum

Diploma of Completion

Diploma of Completion

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