Automating the Business Task

Get the basic skills you need to start using WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud.

About this course

This course will give you the basic skills you need to start using WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud. It’s designed to help any user automating manual tasks like copying and pasting data from one source to another, sorting emails, or locating and extracting information in PDF documents. You will learn how to install it on your laptop or a workstation and use features such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), built-in actions library, automation recorder, as well as the ability to handle exceptions in a business process.

What you'll learn

How to create a script using Intelligent Automation Cloud actions.
Actions for web-automation.
Actions for desktop-automation, including Excel automation.
How to use variables, loops, data of different types.
How to improve your bot tasks.
How to organize bot tasks in an end-to-end business process.

Who is this course for

Anyone who is interested in learning how to automate business processes on their desktop. Intelligent Automation Cloud is a great tool for operations teams, finance, human resources and IT professionals who can all use this course to quickly learn how to get started.


Flexible & 100% online course

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.


Approx 38 hours to complete

The course is self-guided and suggested 8-10 hours/week.

Course content

The course consists of several modules. Each module contains an assignment along with training videos, links to user guides and all other necessary materials to help you complete it. Each module ends with a short quiz or assignment to recap your knowledge. If, after completing all quizzes, you achieve the minimum required score, you will receive a course diploma.

Automation Basics

You will start with surface-based automation and then gradually apply advanced approaches that will help you make your scrips more robust and efficient.

Web Automation

This module will teach you how to automate websites and web applications using special Web actions to work with browsers and XPaths to interact with web elements.

Desktop Automation

Here you will learn how to automate working with files and desktop applications, including two approaches for automating Excel in Intelligent Automation Cloud.

Intelligent Automation Cloud for advanced users

The following materials are created for those who would like to explore Intelligent Automation Cloud capabilities on a higher level. Passing this module is optional for certification.

Create your first RPA project

In the final assignments, you need to automate real-life use cases. You can use any actions in your recordings.

Why to learn

Why to learn

Intelligent Automation Cloud is an exceptionally useful automation tool that benefits both individuals and organizations as a whole. It allows companies to increase productivity and scale their business, while acting as a launching pad for professional growth for employees.

What’s included


Learning materials

17 video tutorials and examples
23 articles
12 assignments
4 quizzes
Access to RPA community forum

Access to RPA community forum

Diploma of Completion

Diploma of Completion

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