Automation Operations

Learn about the main principles, functions, and features of WorkSpace, and why tagging is a critical part of the automation process.

About this Skill Set

WorkFusion’s mission is “to accelerate the world’s transition to more meaningful work”. In practice, this means we endeavor to transform employees’ experience: to relieve them of routine and mundane work, and help them focus on more creative and analytical tasks. Toward this ambitious goal, we focus on the transformation of the workplace. This Skill Set will help Operations Specialists streamline their daily workflow.

What you'll learn

How to make the WorkSpace application your new virtual office
How to tag in WorkSpace
Why subject matter experts (SMEs) and data analysts must collaborate — and what tagging rules they need to follow
Benefits of automation for SMEs

Who is this course for

This Skill Set is for Operations Specialists, who are responsible for the support and analysis of bot activities, which play a vital role in the automated workflow. Courses introduce newcomers to tools and best practices toward the future of work.

Flexible & 100% online

Flexible & 100% online

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Time estimated

Time estimated

The Skill Set is self-guided and takes about eight hours to complete.

Skill Set content

This Skill Set consists of six courses:

Work with Intelligent Automation Cloud

This course showcases Intelligent Automation Cloud and shows how this product can help to transform real-life business cases.

Working with Evelyn

This course helps citizen developers gain technical expertise about one of our new Digital Workers, Evelyn.

Working with Tara

This course helps citizen developers gain technical expertise about one of our new Digital Workers, Tara.

Introduction to Human-in-the-loop Automation

In this course, you will learn about WorkSpace, how it fits in with your role and duties, and the technical innovations that power it.

Building Human-in-the-Loop

This course helps citizen developers to gain technical expertise of the new Manual Task Builder.

Tagging with WorkSpace

In this course, you will find a detailed explanation of WorkSpace best practices, which are essential for SMEs and data analysts.

Why enroll

Why enroll

We all know that implementing new solutions sometimes actually creates more work for employees in terms of training and adjustment. WorkSpace bypasses this issue. It’s intuitive and simple, allowing employees to concentrate on their jobs, not systems. This Skill Set focuses less on how to use WorkSpace, and more on how it will transform daily work.

What’s included

Learning materials

Learning materials

6 courses
18 videos
16 quizzes
2 assignments
Certificate of completion

Certificate of completion

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