New Course for Operations Specialists: 'Introduction to Human-in-the-loop Automation'

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Course Introduction to Human-in-the-loop Automation

The mission of WorkFusion is to accelerate the world's transition to more meaningful work. That is why we create tools that help transform employees' work experience, relieve them of routine and mundane tasks, and let them focus on more creative and analytical work.

Operations Specialists are an integral part of an automation team. They are responsible for the support and analysis of bot activities that play a vital role in the automated workflow. To support them on their automation journey, we have developed the Operations Specialist learning path to provide knowledge, skills, and best practices required to work with WorkFusion® Intelligent Automation tools.

"Introduction to Human-in-the-loop Automation" is an opening course in this learning path.

What to expect

Implementing new solutions can often create more work for employees in terms of training and adjustment. The WorkSpace application, which is a part of WorkFusion's Intelligent Automation Cloud, was designed to bypass this issue and provide employees with a single intuitive interface to work in, so they could concentrate on their jobs, not the systems.

WorkSpace is the new normal for the Operations Specialists, and the main application for their work. The course helps them understand how WorkSpace can help them spend more time on solutions and concentrate on more valuable work instead of diving into monotonous tasks. It is not focused on the everyday usage of WorkSpace, but instead, offers students the bigger picture, explaining how the application will transform their daily work.

What is included

"Introduction to Human-in-the-loop Automation" consists of three modules, each containing training videos, helpful links to product documentation, and a quiz to test the student's knowledge:

  1. "Why Use WorkSpace?" covers common issues that Operations Specialists face in their work and explains how WorkSpace addresses them.
  2. In "Learn about the Solution," students can take a closer look at the features and functions of WorkSpace.
  3. "Learn to Use WorkSpace" shows basic WorkSpace scenarios, how to work in WorkSpace, and how it will transform daily routines.


The course takes about two hours to complete. Upon studying all modules and passing the final quiz, the students will receive a Diploma of Completion, certifying that they have the skills and knowledge required to work in WorkSpace efficiently.

How to enroll

The Operations Specialist learning path is available to WorkFusion's customers and partners. To enroll in the course, follow this instruction.