Introducing ‘Analytics for Business Users’

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Analytics for Business Users course

Recently, we have introduced a new course in Automation Academy®: “Analytics for Business Users.”

It’s designed specifically for businesspeople who want to learn how to leverage data to improve their automated processes and manage their digital workforce efficiently. This material would also benefit anyone who wants to understand how analytics can be used beyond basic monitoring and control.

Here, we’ll share our reasons for developing the course and benefits that our customers and partners will gain.

Why we created ‘Analytics for Business Users’

Many companies find it challenging to build a data-driven approach to business operations, including adopting automation. We want to raise awareness of and explain the role of business analytics in Intelligent Automation and demonstrate how it can be used to automate business processes with greater success.


  1. Analytics is one of the most underestimated and underused capabilities in automation. Automation industry experts agree it is a crucial feature, but companies often fail to integrate it in their digital workforce efficiently. 
  2. Analytics is key to ensuring continuous automation success. It helps to monitor employee activity, manage processes, troubleshoot technology, and learn about AutoML training progress. 
  3. Analytics is a crucial capability for the further development and expansion of automation, as it helps to control processes in a centralized interface.

Analytics Capabilities in WorkFusion

Analytics in one of the Critical Capabilities of WorkFusion Intelligent Automation Cloud. It includes embedded advanced analytical tools that provide a comprehensive overview of your most important business and technical KPIs across processes, in a user-friendly and actionable way.

Business users can get in-depth insights into their business operations and continuously improve them without the need to involve their internal IT or BI departments.

What the course includes

Analytics for Business Users” is not just a general overview — it’s a study of real-life scenarios where this technology is leveraged. It will help students understand processes, people and technologies better and realize how they can benefit from pre-built and custom analytics dashboards.  

Students will learn:  

  • What role analytics plays in Intelligent Automation 
  • What the Analytics toolkit in WorkFusion includes 
  • Why WorkFusion’s analytics capability is unique 
  • Case studies that offer in-depth looks at the Analytics toolkit  
  • What pre-built analytics solutions are available and what insights they offer  
  • How to create custom dashboards and personalize an analytics solution 

The course includes five modules, with five intermediate quizzes and one recap quiz. It is self-guided and takes about 2 hours to complete, depending on your automation experience.  

Upon completing the course, students will hold such skills as: 

  • Ability to explain the value of analytics to stakeholders 
  • Applying analytics dashboards to improve business processes 
  • Tuning pre-built and custom analytics dashboards for improving automation 

If you are a current customer or partner of WorkFusion and would like to enroll in the course, follow this instruction.