New course: Intelligent Automation for Insurance

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AI in insurance
Everything you need to start building automation ideas in insurance and an automation strategy for your organization — in a course designed expressly for executives and visionary leaders in the insurance industry.

The insurance industry heavily relies on manual labor. Most core operations in insurance involve some manual tasks, which leads to an overwhelming amount of paperwork that the employees need to handle daily. It results not only in dwindling employee satisfaction rates but also in low customer ratings and retention. Process automation in insurance industry offers a path to optimizing the companies’ infrastructure — so they can not only survive in a highly competitive market, but also increase both customer and employee satisfaction levels.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our new course specifically focused on insurance and technology, and AI in insurance: Intelligent Automation for Insurance, which is designed to help leaders in the industry find and realize the value from automation.

In this course, you’ll get an overview of the past and the future of automation in insurance industry. You’ll also learn why Intelligent Automation is the most optimal solution for everyday challenges that providers face and see how automation supplemented with machine learning in insurance addressed these critical problems on real-life use cases. Finally, you’ll find out the predictions of market changes and future investment opportunities in the industry.

Still not sure that this course is for you? See the course info for more details.

Like all our courses for automation, this one is free and self-guided. It includes four modules that each take about an hour to complete. Start, stop, and resume automation training at your own pace! Sign up now and share it with your team to start Intelligent Automation and RPA training today!

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