New Course: Introduction to SAP Automation

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SAP Automation

As you probably know, SAP is one of the world’s most popular enterprise digital ecosystems. It offers solutions for digitizing business workflows, managing business operations and customer relations, including a wide range of solutions in finance, account management, invoice processing, and HR tracking. It helps organizations integrate different business units and partners and offers businesses a unified platform to handle diverse databases.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new course, “Introduction to SAP Automation,” that offers advanced RPA training for business people, SMEs, and others who may be searching for SAP automation solutions.

Integrating SAP support into Intelligent Automation Cloud was one of the top feature requests from our corporate customers and a highly demanded use case for automation. Now, Intelligent Automation Cloud is the only officially SAP-certified platform that can integrate with SAP’s S/4HANA® without additional tools and deep technical knowledge, and without digging into server APIs and custom coding. SAP can be automated in the same way as any other desktop application you would like to automate - a WorkFusion bot views the SAP graphical user interface’s internal structure and can interact with its elements.

The “Introduction to SAP Automation” course provides a comprehensive look at how to automate SAP using all editions of Intelligent Automation Cloud. First, it gives an overview of automation approaches. Second, it provides a detailed explanation of SAP GUI desktop automation. Then, it presents examples of ready SAP automation solutions that you can download, run and study. Want to know more about the course syllabus? See the course details.

SAP automation course is self-guided, includes two modules, and takes about two hours to complete. You can start, stop, and resume learning at any time and study at your own pace. Enroll now.

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