New Learning Path for IT Operations Specialists

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it operations specialist

An IT Operations team is a principal stakeholder in any automation project. The team is responsible for setting up, running and maintaining a stable automation environment, as well as providing integration with the organization's infrastructure. That’s why IT must be involved at the earliest stages of an automation program and then thoroughly trained on the basics of Intelligent Automation and the automation platform of choice.

For this purpose, we have launched a new learning path, IT Operations Specialist. It provides our customers' IT specialists with knowledge and skills required to integrate the automation platform with the company's infrastructure and monitor and troubleshoot automated workflows efficiently at every stage of the automation journey.

Covered topics and skills

This path is designed for IT Operations Specialists who handle day-to-day maintenance of the Intelligent Automation Cloud and its components.

Students are trained based on real-life experiences and solution libraries which have been accumulated by the WorkFusion Support team. This will help them be ready to perform troubleshooting quickly and effectively. They will also learn best practices for optimizing the diagnostics workflow and how to quickly solve issues that might arise during platform installation, configuration, usage, and upgrades.

Upon completing the path, IT Operations Specialists will know how to:

  • Analyze problems that might arise for SMEs and developers
  • Map business problems' definitions to technical causes
  • Diagnose and fix problems with WorkFusion standard components
  • Access a library of specific solutions
  • Use and tweak the Kibana tool for platform monitoring

Courses included in the path

IT Operations Specialist path contains seven required courses:

  • Automation Essentials covers the basics of automation and key concepts, examples, and best practices.
  • Automation Kit for Enterprise gives a detailed overview of the Intelligent Automation Cloud and its components and teaches how to navigate their primary user interfaces.
  • Automating the Business Process demonstrates step-by-step automation of a business process, based on a standard real-life use case.
  • Platform Troubleshooting teaches how to quickly access solutions to issues that users may encounter during usage, installation, upgrading or configuration.
  • Platform Diagnostics: Basics demonstrates how to use Kibana as a monitoring tool and a single point for storing all logs and metrics.
  • Platform Diagnostics: Advanced shows Operations Specialists how to use Kibana for advanced health checks and performance reviews for all WorkFusion components.
  • IT Operations Specialist Certification contains a final assignment, focused on diagnostics and troubleshooting.

There are also two elective courses, which are not required for certification but are highly recommended:

  • What's new in Intelligent Automation Cloud 10.x guides students through the 10.x releases, which contain several fundamental transformations, of both technology and UX, from previous versions.
  • Effective Communication helps to communicate in a more professional, polite, and understandable manner and to reduce or avoid common miscommunications.

The learning path takes about 40 hours to complete.

How to enroll

The IT Operations Specialist learning path is available to WorkFusion's customers and partners. To enroll in the learning path, follow these instructions.