November Digest: Intelligent Automation and RPA Use Cases

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RPA Use Cases

Some studies show that one of the main reasons for disenchantment with automation technologies is a poor choice of the use case for the first project. Selecting the right process to automate is very important when starting to implement Intelligent Automation or RPA in your organization, but it is also complicated. How can you choose the correct use case when you have no prior experience with automation?

To help you with this, we have decided to collect some examples of RPA and Intelligent Automation use cases in this November Digest. They will give you some ideas of how you can use these technologies for transforming operations in various industries. 

Example of successful healthcare automation by NY-Presbyterian

On November 14, Vishal Sheth, Director of Transformation of NY-Presbyterian, one of the leading academic healthcare institutions in the USA, shared their experience of implementing Intelligent Automation. The team automated processes in clinical care operations, such as patient flow, bed tracking, malnutrition, as well as administrative and financial operations, such as timekeeping and invoice processing, achieving 3x ROI.

You can watch the webinar on-demand and see examples of using RPA and AI in healthcare first-hand on our website.

Intelligent Automation in the banking industry: Radius Bank

On November 5, Damon Greenberg, Senior VP and Director of Operational Excellence of Radius Bank, and Andrew Woessner, Founder and CEO of R-Path Automation, talked about an Intelligent Automation use case in the banking industry. They discussed how the team at Radius Bank began their automation journey and charted a strategy that enabled them to implement and expand Intelligent Automation. Examples of the processes they automated include customer service, audit and compliance, marketing data management, and many others.

Watch the webinar on-demand to learn more about this use case.

RPA use case in onboarding

In one of our recent blog posts, we have shared a robotic process automation use case that we implemented in Automation Academy. The use case streamlines the process of onboarding new students for advanced automation courses using RPA. In the post, we shared how we chose this specific process for automation, how the development team worked on automating it, and what the resulting business process does.

You can read about this use case in more detail in our blog post.

Intelligent Automation in logistics

A new customer spotlight on our website will tell you how Polaris, a leader in transport and logistics, has automated 80% of their customs paperwork with Intelligent Automation. After streamlining their operations, they have embarked on the mission of helping other companies in the sector to transform their businesses.

On the customer spotlight page, you can read more about this project and see Polaris’ employees talk about their experience with WorkFusion. Besides, you can download a report to learn about this use case in more detail.

If you want to find more Intelligent Automation and RPA use cases, browse our new tool for quick use case discovery - Use Case Navigator.

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