Our Top 10 blog posts about automation of 2019

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Top 10 Blog Posts

As you’re reading this, 2019, the year we started this blog, is over. We’ve shared a lot of knowledge with you about Intelligent Automation and RPA, and we hope to continue doing so in 2020. But let’s take a moment to remember some of our most popular articles.

What Is an Automation Center of Excellence and Why Invest in It?

This recent post is about the role of a Center of Excellence (COE) in building an Intelligent Automation program inside a company. It defines what a COE is, describes four common models of an automation COE, and provides expert advice on building a successful COE based on the experience of our partners and customers.

The post is now available in the WorkFusion blog.

Intelligent Automation Projects: Roles and Responsibilities

The key to success for any project is the collaboration, communication, and distribution of responsibilities within the team. In this post, we give a comprehensive overview of the “ideal” Intelligent Automation team, including a short description of the role and skills that each member of such a team should have. It also provides a brief summary of the part that a Center of Excellence plays in enabling the team, as well as an illustration demonstrating the participation of each team member in the project.

Read the blog post here.

Do’s and Don’ts of SAP Automation

This is one of several blog posts devoted to SAP automation that we published last year. Here, we share some advice for automating both web and desktop clients of the application. You will learn how to prepare business processes in the company for automation, what approach to use for automating SAP web applications, what themes of S/4HANA® to use to ensure stable desktop automation, and other advice.

Read the blog post here.

Learn more about automating SAP in the online course “Introduction to SAP Automation."

What is RPA and How Does it Work?

This post offers you a basic understanding of robotic process automation (RPA). It covers these subtopics: What is RPA? What are the typical applications of RPA in business? What are its benefits and prospects in the future? This article also gives advice on selecting the right RPA tool for your use case and leveraging it effectively in your daily work, including links to RPA training.

The post is now available in the WorkFusion blog.

Automating Web Applications and Websites

Web automation is one of the most popular topics in our Forum after Excel automation, and we receive plenty of questions about it. In this post, we talk about two approaches to automating web applications and give real-life examples to illustrate each approach. We also present some basic web automation best practices for using credentials, working with XPaths, and utilizing waits and timeouts in your scripts. Finally, we include several ready examples that you can download and run to see web automation in action.

Read the blog post here.

How Automation is Going to Affect Jobs

This post explores popular predictions of how Intelligent Automation and RPA are going to change the employment landscape. You will learn what industries and occupations will be most influenced by automation and find out about the latest automation trends. It also gives a list of the necessary skills that are very unlikely to be automated in the near future and thus will be in the highest demand.

The post is now available in the WorkFusion blog.

Security Best Practices for Your RPA Bots

Data security is essential when it comes to automating business processes in large enterprises. In this post, we share some standard security practices one needs to follow when creating RPA bots, including the rules for using login and password information (with a real-life use case), handling confidential data in the scripts, creating custom logs and many others.

Read the blog post here.

Get basic skills in creating and customizing RPA bots in the automation training course "Building Bot Tasks."

Automating Excel with RPA: Approaches and Best Practices

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widespread Office applications in the world, so it is not surprising that a blog post about Excel automation was so popular with our readers. Here, we give a short overview of Excel automation tools available on the market, define three main approaches to automating Excel, and dive deeper into each one of these approaches to give you a better understanding of when (and why) to use them. We also provide some automation scenarios to illustrate them.

Read the blog post here.

Guide to Automation: Identifying the Right Processes to Automate

Our second-most popular blog post will teach you how to find the correct business process for automation. It will explain how to evaluate potential use cases and define whether they are a good fit for RPA or Intelligent Automation. Besides, you will learn how to make sure that your automation initiative has enough momentum and good prospects for success and scaling.

Read the blog post here.

SAP Automation Ideas: What Processes Can You Automate with RPA?

In our most popular blog post of 2019, we share some ideas of standard business processes that you can easily automate using the RPA capabilities of WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud. SAP automation ideas suggested in this article include invoice processing, HR operations, and warehouse management processes. It also includes a short video showing an automation example that you can download and run.

Read the blog post here.

And that’s a wrap on 2019! Stay tuned for more helpful news and information in 2020!

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