September Digest: Intelligent Automation and SAP

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Intelligent Automation and SAP

SAP automation has been an important topic for us and our customers this year. In April, WorkFusion introduced native SAP GUI automation in its unified platform, and in July, we became the only leading Intelligent Automation vendor to earn SAP certification as integrated with SAP S/4HANA®. That’s why we decided to devote the whole September Digest to articles related to automating SAP.

Below is a collection of resources that will help you navigate the topic of SAP automation better, especially when it comes to working with WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud.

Order Management Automation in SAP

Not long ago, we hosted a webinar on automating order management in SAP. It was presented by WorkFusion SAP experts and covered the following important aspects of SAP automation:

  • What SAP certification means for Intelligent Automation Cloud
  • How this software interacts with SAP objects to make automation more stable
  • Demonstration of a real-life customer use case that involves an Order Management process

The webinar recording is currently available on-demand. Get it here

SAP Webinar Follow-up

After the webinar, we published follow-up post answering a number of questions about automating SAP, as well as some other questions about Intelligent Automation. These include the differences between RPA and Intelligent Automation, discussion of SAP RPA tools, the best approaches to automating Outlook and other desktop applications, OCR capabilities available in WorkFusion, and more.

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Improving University Recruitment with RPA

This short post describes how the human resources department at the National University of Singapore automated one of their time-consuming processes. This task involved gathering new employee information from the HR SAP system to produce employee profiles. Automating this allows the HR team to focus on more strategic work. The University is planning to expand its automation to additional such high-volume, repetitive tasks.

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SAP’s Take on Chatbots, AI, and RPA

This post by SAP discusses the role that modern technologies such as AI and RPA play in spreading innovation in enterprises. SAP argues that innovations such as digital personal assistants and RPA must first take root in a business — taking several opportunities among different departments within the company to demonstrate the capabilities. It also covers how these technologies can be used in conjunction with SAP S/4HANA® to encourage digital transformation.

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SAP Automation Best Practices 

In this last piece, from Automation Academy, we covered several best practices that are important to follow to make sure your next automation project involving SAP is a success — as well as mistakes you should avoid. It includes different aspects of SAP automation, from preparing the business processes for automation to differing technical details of web and desktop automation of the SAP application.

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If you’d like to learn more about automating SAP with Intelligent Automation Cloud, we encourage you to request a demo.

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