“Two years down, forever to go!” — Happy birthday Automation Academy!

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 “Two years down, forever to go!” — Happy birthday Automation Academy!

We live in a fast-paced world where business and technology are constantly changing and evolving. So how do you keep up? One word: Learn.

That is the purpose of WorkFusion’s RPA Academy. Started from scratch, just two years ago, our platform has upskilled 28,000 people (from partners to customers to individual RPA and AI enthusiasts), issued more than 31,410 RPA certificates, and launched 23 courses.

You would think that this well-oiled machine has a large team behind it. But it doesn’t. Automation Academy was launched by just two people: Yuri Shilyaev and Andrei Harhots. Over the past 24 months, they have added more killer team members, but the team is still only six people strong. Yup, that’s right. Only six. See below.

Automation Academy team

So, how do they do it? We asked them to summarize the secret sauce of their success, and this is what we got: 5 core strategies that make Automation Academy unstoppable.

1. Freedom

Take it and do everything you can with it. We will help; we will direct; we will explain. But the only person responsible for your work is you.

2. Collaboration

A collective mind creates unique things. The whole team constantly generates RPA ideas and projects together.

3. Clarity

We believe in having a process to get results, not a process for the sake of the process. We use some Agile methods, but we do not have clear sprints. But we’re big on retrospectives, demonstrations, and constant communication.

4. Constant pace

The team only moves forward if its leaders support a high tempo. We are extremely fast. Our partners say that we finish five projects in the time that their other clients finish one.

5. Do everything

While the team is still small, we can’t afford specialization. We all participate in the Forum, answer support service calls, improve current courses and develop new ones. The trainers are constantly learning new automation technologies to get even broader skills.

So, what’s happening in RPA Academy’s next year? Expect a lot of travel. Last year the team conducted automation training in the U.S., India, South Africa, Canada, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Ukraine and Sri Lanka. They visited leading universities to see how they worked, which will result in new ideas and exciting new projects. We can’t wait!

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