Why digital transformation starts with yourself and how to do it

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Digital transformation of learning and development

How many days do you dedicate to learning digital skills each year? How many days of retraining will you need to stay sharp and relevant with the new digital technology your company has adopted? It’s probably less and more than you think, respectively. According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, the average employee will need 101 days of retraining through 2022 to fill the skill gap that’s quickly emerging between today’s workforce and the AI-driven business world.  

How will you fill this gap for yourself? Googling “AI” and researching digital transformation in social media probably won’t get you much further than a sparkling dinner party conversation. With the ever-growing need for process automation as the ultimate solution to optimize business efficiency, you have to be prepared to bring digital into your professional life. But what does digital transformation really mean?  And where to study digital transformation?

Along with providing software products that help the smartest companies in the world transform their business operations, WorkFusion has helped more than 28,000 individuals transform themselves professionally through Automation Academy. These people have completed any number of 23 available courses, organized into 11 learning paths for both business-facing and technical professionals, and received over 34,000 certifications since Automation Academy launched.

So, how to kick off your own 101 days of retraining? Here are 5 things you should know to boost your digital transformation.

1. Take an automation training class designed for business people

Digital transformation in business has become one of the key focuses of Automation Academy. More than 27,000 business people took our first-generation “Automation Essentials” class. It helped ordinary folks in every industry learn the practical definitions of many new terms, such as “machine learning,” “optical character recognition” and “RPA,” as well as how new technologies could be applied to generate superior business outcomes. The new automation training course, available for registration, is more interactive, includes more videos and features an extensive quick-reference glossary so that you’ll never again have to pretend you understand an acronym associated with digital transformation that may get tossed around within a meeting.

2. Learn automation in English, Español and 日本語で

As more companies around the world become WorkFusion customers, Automation Academy has matched the linguistic diversification of our training courses and launched in Spanish and Japanese. 

3. Find a use case for AI-driven automation

Everyone knows, theoretically, that the average global bank or insurance company has over 1,000 business processes that could benefit from intelligent automation, but finding them rapidly isn’t always easy. In partnership with WorkFusion’s Professional Services group, Automation Academy has launched what we call the Power User Lab to help customers identify the best use cases and then provide matching automation tools training to put these tools to work on those specific use cases. 

4. Get pre-built RPA bots and learn how to use them

WorkFusion has earned a reputation in the automation industry for delivering industry firsts: The first to provide true AI-driven cognitive automation, which automates the messy, complex work of document processing. The first to unify AI, RPA, OCR and workflow into one platform. The first (and still only) company to provide RPA for free. Along with these firsts, WorkFusion has focused on making these advances in automation easy and scalable, because technology is only valuable if people can quickly put it to use. To make automation even easier, Automation Academy now offers pre-built software bots that automate common work within a company, along with instructions on how to use them, making your digital transformation both smooth and exciting. 

Get pre-built RPA bots from Automation Academy 

5. Get promoted by promoting automation

Along with vision, strategy and grit, leadership used to be defined by how well a person managed and developed people. Today it’s defined by all of these things—plus how well a person manages technology. Business people are becoming executives in their companies by strategically leveraging automation. New roles like “Head of Automation” have emerged and given business people a new way to distinguish themselves and take on new critical responsibilities. We take pride in giving people a platform—literally and figuratively—to lift themselves up in their organization and distinguish themselves as leaders in AI-driven business. We’ve seen so many of our customers get promotions that we’re working on a course based on their experience to help aspiring digital transformation leaders initiate and build out automation programs.

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