Why Everyone Needs Automation Training in 2020

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Automation Training

As various automation technologies like robotic process automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) are becoming more accepted in banking, insurance, and some other industries, they are starting to change the nature of work for many people.

This creates a new urgency for businesses to rethink their approach to employee education and include automation training while also focusing on providing seamless remote learning experiences — as remote learning is widely believed to be the future of education.

Let’s review why automation training is so essential in the workplace nowadays, and what kind of remote automation training is currently available in Automation Academy.

Automation training is a must in the modern workplace

Many tasks that employees perform in banks, insurance companies and other businesses are typically repetitive — such as copying and pasting information in various internal applications — so many companies are already replacing manual workers with software robots for such operations. The employees whose work is automated are usually reassigned to higher-value tasks, but many still fear losing their jobs due to automation.

One of the reasons for this is a lack of information about upcoming changes, and when there is an information void, people tend to fill it with negative expectations.

Another reason is the lack of new skills that employees need in the age of automation, which creates concern about their changing roles and worries they will be eliminated. According to Gartner, "New responsibilities under automation often make previous training irrelevant, leave employees uncertain of how to approach their workflows, disrupt typical relationships among staff and create uncertainty about performance objectives and outcome expectations."

Besides, the skills required to work with new automation technologies are still in short supply in the labor market, and hiring new employees with automation experience is not always an option.

To address these challenges, companies have to educate their employees about automation and make sure their employees receive proper automation training for building skills they will need to succeed in the changing workforce. Failing to provide appropriate capability support for employees who change their roles in the company can hurt their performance, as well as the performance of the company as a whole.

Automation Academy® online training

To help companies provide efficient automation training to their employees, with Automation Academy, we offer several types of training courses. These cater to professionals at various stages:

  • People who want to change their career path and become automation or ML engineers
  • Business people thinking of implementing automation in their department or company
  • Employees of companies that are already implementing automation who want to learn more about it
  • Anyone who wants to learn about automation and its benefits

Many courses will be helpful to professionals in any of these groups.

automation training

Automation Business Lead

You don't have to be super tech-savvy to learn automation. If you are wondering how automation can benefit your company, or just like to keep track of new business trends, you will benefit from completing courses in the “Automation Business Lead” learning path:

  • Automation Essentials gives a comprehensive overview of the current state of the art for business automation and the benefits of this technology.
  • Intelligent Automation for Banking shows how automation can help with business problems which are pervasive for many banks.
  • Intelligent Automation for Insurance is designed expressly for executives in the insurance industry and includes everything needed to start building an automation strategy.
  • Automation Kit for Enterprise is a practice-oriented course that teaches about applications and services of WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud platform. Students gain hands-on experience with the tool.

At the end of each course, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Tool-based automation training*

For our customers’ and partners’ employees who have decided to make automation part of their career, or want to automate their daily routine, we offer automation training that covers all aspects of working with Intelligent Automation Cloud, from basic no-code automation to advanced RPA and ML skills.

Business users who want to automate their everyday tasks and gain more time to focus on more valuable work can learn the basics of no-code automation with RPA Recorder in the following courses:

  • Automating the Business Task offers basic skills training for automating manual tasks like copying and pasting data from one source to another, sorting emails, or locating and extracting information in PDF documents.
  • Automating the Business Process walks step-by-step through automating an entire business process.

We also offer advanced role-based RPA and ML training that gives students the knowledge and skills they need to become competent members of an automation team:

  • Automation engineers play a pivotal role in designing and developing the RPA element of automation workflows.
  • ML engineers take care of the machine learning aspect of automation solutions and ML model training.
  • Data analysts help with preparation, cleaning, and analysis of machine learning training data, as well as business process data for robotic process automation and validation.
  • Delivery managers, IT specialists, and others play essential roles in an automation team.

Students who pass the quizzes and complete the assignments receive a diploma that proves their knowledge and skills.

Automation will benefit you, your company & your industry

Automation is here to stay, and though it can be intimidating at first, its benefits are undeniable.

For companies, automation can dramatically increase capacity, improve accuracy, and reduce turnaround times across many processes, creating a massive potential for cost reduction in the back office. So, it is becoming essential for businesses to invest in automation training to prepare employees for the increasing digitization of work.

For individuals, automation offers an opportunity to stop wasting time on tedious, humdrum work and focus on elements that bring real value to their careers. Don’t miss out on advantages offered by emerging remote-training opportunities to keep yourself abreast of the changing nature of work.

*Courses are available for WorkFusion customers and partners.

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