Code Automation

Build Digital Workers with Java code to automate web, desktop, and server application workflows.

What is this Skill Set about?

In this Skill Set, you will learn how to build automation solutions using Java code on our Intelligent Automation Cloud platform. Here we emphasize the importance of assignments, which offer an opportunity to practice your new skills.

What will I learn?

How to work with various components of Digital Workers on our platform
How to use our framework for fast and effective development of new Digital Workers
How to build Digital Workers for desktop and web automation, including API integration
How to operate with ML models and customize them
How to build a human-in-the-loop experience, tune Analytics dashboards, and much more

Who is this Skill Set for?

This Skill Set is for Automation Engineers, Solutions Architects, and team leads.

Flexible & 100% online

Flexible & 100% online

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Schedule your time

Schedule your time

The Skill Set is self-guided and takes 82 hours to complete.

Skill Set content

This Skill Set includes five courses:

Platform Basics

Gain a comprehensive overview of Intelligent Automation Cloud components, and how to automate a real business case.

Development Standards

Practice our approach to the design and delivery of complex automation solutions, and to standardizing and repeating processes.

Code-based RPA

Learn how to automate complex workflows by replicating human actions with APIs, web scraping, and desktop RPA automations.

Using ML Models

Start performing model training on production systems to substitute time-consuming manual work in document processing.

Code Automation Certification

Complete and submit a final assignment, to be graded by our trainers. Your certificate as a Code Automation Engineer will be issued automatically.

Why enroll?

Why enroll?

This Skill Set teaches best practices for delivering your project with our Intelligent Automation Cloud: Developer Edition, plus its development components and tools. We provide code examples to help you with assignments before you start automating your own solutions in production.

What’s included

Learning materials

Learning materials

5 courses
8 videos
26 assignments
11 quizzes
Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

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