IT Operations Specialist

Learn to successfully integrate Intelligent Automation Cloud platform into your business operations, and how to monitor and troubleshoot automation.

About this learning path

In these courses, you will access experiences and solution libraries accumulated by the WorkFusion Support team, so you can be ready for troubleshooting and diagnostics of the Intelligent Automation Cloud platform. Are you ready to become the real owner of this platform?

What you'll learn

Analyze SMEs' problems with WorkFusion tools
Map business problem definitions to technical causes
Fix all WorkFusion standard components
Access a library of specific solutions
Use and tweak Kibana for platform monitoring

Who is this path for

IT Operations individuals within an organization who are responsible for quickly solving issues with WorkFusion components

Flexible & 100% online

Flexible & 100% online

Start instantly and learn on your own schedule

Time estimated

Approximately 40 hours to complete

Self-guided materials and trainers' support are included

Learning path content

This learning path consists of the following 9 courses:

Automation Essentials

The foundation for all modules in this course is the basics of automation. We will cover key concepts and offer examples and best practices.

Automation Kit for Enterprise

This course showcases the Intelligent Automation Cloud product, gives detailed overviews of components, and teaches how to navigate user interfaces of the main applications (WorkFusion Studio, Control Tower, WorkSpace) with examples of automation in a real business case.

What’s new in Intelligent Automation Cloud 10.x

This is a guide through the 10.x releases, which contain a number of fundamental transformations in terms of both technology and UX from previous versions.

Automating the Business Process

Focus on a common process in any company's accounts payable department: data entry from an invoice document.

Platform Troubleshooting

This course is designed for IT Specialists, who will be responsible for quickly solving all issues regarding Intelligent Automation Cloud components.

Platform Diagnostics: Basics

SMEs and Developers will learn how Kibana can be used as a monitoring tool and a single point for storing all logs and metrics.

Platform Diagnostics: Advanced

IT Support Specialists will learn how Kibana can be used as a monitoring tool for advanced health checks and performance reviews for all components of the Intelligent Automation Cloud.

Effective Communication

Course materials will help you make your messages more professional, polite and understandable in order to avoid miscommunication.

IT Operations Specialist Certification

In order to be certified as an IT Operations Specialist, you must successfully complete a final assignment on diagnostic and troubleshooting.

Why enroll

Why enroll

End-to-end platform ownership offers a strong combination of expertise and skills related to platform maintenance of the various parts of the user journey. Discover best practices for how to optimize your diagnostics workflow and quickly access solutions to problems during platform usage, installation, upgrading, or configuration.

What’s included

Learning materials

Learning materials

9 courses
40+ video materials
16 assignments
Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

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