Low-Code Automation

Learn how to automate your day-to-day operations with minimal code.

About this Skill Set

Low-code automations can fulfill business requirements and be implemented quickly and easily. With WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud, users with little to no engineering or coding experience can automate across multiple functions with a single platform — and deliver remarkable results.

What you'll learn

How to create, modify and run bots to automate day-to-day tasks, using Intelligent Automation Cloud
How to automate tasks like copying and pasting data, sorting emails, or locating and extracting information in PDF documents
Critical capabilities, such as optical character recognition (OCR) and automation recorder
Translating business requirements into WorkFusion business process architecture

Who is this Skill Set for

This Skill Set is for users with minimal technical skills who want to create enterprise-grade, high-fidelity automations.

Flexible & 100% online

Flexible & 100% online

Start instantly and learn on your own schedule.

Time estimated

Time estimated

The Skill Set takes approximately 40 hours to complete and includes self-guided materials and trainers' support.

Skill Set content

This Skill Set consists of five courses:

Automation Kit for Beginners

In this comprehensive overview of Intelligent Automation Cloud capabilities, you will learn about installation, key features, use cases, and how this platform can benefit your business.

Automating the Business Task

Obtain basic skills you need to start using our platform. This course will help any user automate manual tasks like copying and pasting data, sorting emails, or locating and extracting information in PDF documents.

Automation Kit for SAP

Learn how to automate SAP solutions and help your company increase productivity and scale business.

Automating the Business Process

Learn advanced automation techniques and how to translate your specific business requirements into WorkFusion business process architecture.

Low-Code Automation Certification

This certification course consists of a single quiz and assignment. Automation Academy trainers will grade your submission.

Why enroll

Why enroll

This Skill Set showcases the simplicity and immediate results of low-code automation: Drag-and-drop pre-built bots into your workflow, improve the agility of your operations, and reduce the complexity of the development process.

What’s included

Learning materials

Learning materials

5 courses
37 videos
26 assignments
9 quizzes
Certificate of completion

Certificate of completion

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