Training policy

Training types

Automation Academy offers multiple training opportunities in the following formats:

  • Self-paced learning
    This training takes place online only. It includes quizzes and/or daily assignments with checks and feedback from an Academy trainer.
  • Instructor-led trainings
    This training consists of live webinar sessions or face-to-face training sessions.

Prerequisites for the courses

AA Learning Paths image

Please note that prerequisites are shown as arrows. Only certificates are considered prerequisites (completed training courses without certificates do not count).

Also note that there are two prerequisites for the IA Architect learning path: RPA Developer and ML Engineer certifications.

The required Java test scores are:

  • 50% - 70% - RPA Specialist certification
  • 70% and up - RPA Developer certification
  • 90% and up - ML Engineer and IA Architect certification

Training rules


There is a two-month limit for completion of each course in the track. After this period, the enrollment to the course will be cancelled.

Enrollment can be renewed by a separate access request sent to from a partner/customer manager.

Training instances usage

  1. Training instances accounts should remain anonymous. Please do not store your personal data there.
  2. Using any data from training instance (other usernames, email addresses, bot code and etc.) except your own Business Processes and Manual tasks is forbidden.
  3. Training instances can be used for training purposes ONLY. POC and other work-related activity is forbidden.
  4. After an assignment is graded, trainees have to stop working on the graded business process. Schedules have to be stopped as well.
  5. Automation Academy has the right to delete all the Business Processes after grading in case of high instance load. We highly recommend to export the needed Business Processes after being certified.

Assignments grading procedure

Self-paced courses (RPA, DA): All assignments are graded daily by Academy trainers. Passing grades and attempts are stated in each assignment.

Instructor-led trainings (MLE, SC): Assignments are graded within the training period. Please note that for each resubmitted assignment, the trainer has the right to lower the score by 10%.

Support issues

All questions regarding training and assignments are to be posted on WorkFusion Forum. Post your question in theTraining & Education category - and our trainers will get back to you as soon as possible.

Questions about training instances issues, Knowledge Base and courses access, certificates and Java tests should be addressed to Before submitting your question, please check the Academy FAQ, as you may find your answer there.


Exam basics

Certifications are obtained online on Automation Academy in the form of an end-to-end assignment. The certificate will be provided if the passing grade is achieved and a trainee meets all the prerequisites.

Solutions consultant certification

The Solutions Consultant training certification consists of a 30-minute product overview presentation to the trainer. If the presentation meets the required standards, the trainer will issue a certification.

ML engineer certification

MLE training certifications are also issued by an Academy trainer. We only certify trainees whom we consider to have a satisfactory Java background and are ready to deliver ML projects on their own.

How certifications expire

Workfusion can make a decision to let a certification expire. In those cases, the Academy will notify all students and partner managers three months before the certification expires.

The key reasons for letting certifications expire are:

  • Release major version of WF software
  • Release new major update of particular course or certification process

Retake policy

Java test retakes

The Academy allows three retake attempts only. Each attempt must be granted by a partner/customer manager.

If a trainee fails the first attempt, the second attempt has to take place in two weeks after the first attempt. In case of a second failure, the third attempt will take place in one month after the second test attempt.

Course retakes

For machine learning and face-to-face RPA training, approval for course retakes and their timelines will be subject to trainer and based on the trainee’s individual performance and qualification.

Security & disqualification policy

Disqualification policy

Automation Academy reserves the right to disqualify trainees ( or/and expire trainee's certificates) who engage in fraudulent or otherwise inappropriate activities. Examples of such misconduct, misuse, and fraud include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Cheating while taking the course, i.e. using another trainee’s code in whole or in part
    Providing or accepting improper assistance
  • Falsifying identity or impersonating another individual to gain access to a course, quiz, assignment, or training instance
  • Copying, publishing, disclosing, transmitting, selling, offering to sell, posting, downloading, distributing in any way, or otherwise transferring, modifying, making derivative works of, reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, or translating any assignments/quizzes in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, verbal or written, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose
  • Creating, publishing, selling, offering to sell, posting, downloading, distributing in any way, or otherwise transferring any assignment solutions or correct answers to the quizzes
  • Creating, publishing, selling, offering to sell, posting, downloading, distributing in any way, or otherwise transferring other trainees personal data.

The Academy can disqualify trainees for a two-month period (or more, depending on the reason for disqualification). This entails suspending the student’s Automation Academy account and close their access to all courses and certifications.

A trainee can appeal the disqualification by contacting