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Work with Intelligent Automation Cloud

Work with Intelligent Automation Cloud

This course showcases Intelligent Automation Cloud and how this platform can help transform real-life business cases.

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About this course

This course gives you basic knowledge of how Intelligent Automation Cloud works, applications it consists of (Control Tower, WorkSpace, WorkFusion Studio), services it uses, and business needs it solves.

What you’ll learn

  • Main components of Intelligent Automation Cloud
  • How to use different components to automate real business cases
  • All about our new Digital Workers: how to deploy, set up, modify, execute, and see results
  • How to create and perform manual tasks with no-code approach
  • How to train and modify models with no-code approach to achieve fully automated process implementation

Who is this course for

Tech and non-tech operations specialists, operations leaders, developers, SMEs, and business executives.

Course content modules

Learn about the Platform

Deploy a Digital Worker

Create a Manual Task

Manage a Digital Worker

Train and Modify ML Models

Final Quiz

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