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ML Engineer Courses

ML Engineer

Build Digital Workers with Intelligent Automation capabilities to automate document-heavy workflows

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ML Engineer’s journey

The ML Engineer is one of the most technically skilled roles, central to Intelligent Automation as it helps handle IDP. The background includes a variety of completed end-to-end Java-based projects. The ML Engineer delivers a model that handles unstructured or semi-structured document data, and leads the implementation of ML improvements and re-training

What you’ll learn

  • How to work with various components of Digital Workers on our platform
  • How to use our framework for fast and effective development of new Digital Workers
  • How to operate with ML models and customize them
  • How to create ML models using the key component of Intelligent Automation Cloud — AutoML

Your Automation Journey includes 7 courses:

Get to Know Intelligent Automation Cloud

This comprehensive guide provides a detailed overview of the platform’s capabilities

Work with Intelligent Automation Cloud

Gives you basic knowledge of how Intelligent Automation Cloud works, applications it includes, services it uses, and business needs it solves

Development Standards

Practice our approach to the design and delivery of complex automation solutions, and standardizing and repeating processes

Building Human-in-the-Loop

This course helps citizen developers to gain technical expertise of the new Manual Task Builder

Using ML Models

Start performing model training on production systems to substitute time-consuming manual work in document processing

Building ML Models

Learn full-stack techniques for using the best of AutoML SDK

Machine Learning Certification

Complete and submit a final assignment, to be graded by our trainers. Your certificate as a Machine Learning Engineer will be issued automatically

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