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About this course

This course offers a comprehensive overview of the current state-of-the-art for business automation, how to consider ways to include automation in your own organization, and the costs and benefits of this transformative technology. 

What you'll learn

Basics of digital transformation and its historical background
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and other relevant automation approaches
The power of Intelligent Automation and RPA 2.0
How to weigh the benefits and costs of business automation
Automation best practices throughout the journey — from identifying an opportunity to scaling success across an organization

Who this course is for

Anyone interested in learning more about how business process automation can benefit teams throughout their organization, including operations, finance, human resources and more. It’s especially helpful for operations leaders and forward-looking team managers.

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2 hours to complete

Approximately 2 hours to complete

Self-guided and can be finished within a couple of hours.

Course content highlights

The foundation for all modules in this course is rooted in the basic tenets of automation. It covers key concepts and focuses on examples and implementation best practices. The course contains interactive modules with videos and knowledge checks, a glossary, and a certification quiz.

Business Transformation in the Digital Era

Get to know how past paradigm shifts transformed industries and how investment in business automation correlates to market performance. Also, stay current with key terms and automation concepts.

Automation Powered by AI and Robotics

Enable yourself to distinguish varying types and degrees of automation, from software macros all the way to AI-driven solutions; see what makes automation "intelligent" and what are the capabilities of "RPA 2.0"; and consider what to look for when weighing the right automation solution for your business.

Costs and Benefits of Implementing Automation

Explore elements that create the total cost of ownership for digitization, including a check of the typical expenses incurred by organizations with largely manual processes. Also, understand who benefits most from automation and how.

Finding an Automation Opportunity and Implementing It

Learn automation strategy basics, know the key stakeholders for an automation team, and better understand the stages of implementation.

Automation glossary and knowledge recap

Automation certificate
Why take this course

Why you should take this course

Be considered a visionary in your company as you bring in new expertise and insights! Automation is an exceptionally useful technology that benefits both individuals and organizations as a whole. It allows companies to increase productivity and profitability and scale their business affordably.

What’s included

Learning materials

Learning materials

4 interactive modules
5 videos
4 quizzes and knowledge recaps
Automation glossary
RPA community forum

Access to RPA community forum

Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

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