BI Engineer

Elevate your business with the Analytics capability of Intelligent Automation Cloud

Business Intelligence Engineer’s journey

As a Business Intelligence Engineer, you will use WorkFusion’s Analytics capability — a set of tools that helps you learn about your company and make better-informed decisions about deploying automation. Many companies struggle to build analytics or data-driven operations, so this journey’s primary goal is to convey the purpose, function, and results of business analytics

What you'll learn

The value of WorkFusion Analytics to your organization, problems it can solve, and insights it can deliver
Details of the dashboard’s interface and capabilities
How to use dashboard filters to navigate metrics and key performance indicators
How to customize out-of-the-box dashboards and create new ones

Flexible & 100% online

Flexible & 100% online

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Time estimated

Completion time: approximately 6 hours

The journey includes self-guided materials 

Your Automation Journey includes 4 courses:

Get to Know Intelligent Automation Cloud

This comprehensive guide provides a detailed overview of the platform’s capabilities

Work with Intelligent Automation Cloud

Gives you basic knowledge of how Intelligent Automation Cloud works, applications it includes, services it uses, and business needs it solves

Analytics for Business Users

This course explores real scenarios wherein Analytics technology is used, helping users better understand processes, people, technologies, and how to benefit from pre-built dashboards (even with custom modifications)

Analytics Customization

This course will showcase how to create and adjust dashboards for Intelligent Automation Cloud

Why enroll

Why enroll

If you want to learn as much as possible about Analytics for automation, this Automation Journey is the best place to start. It explains why Analytics matters for business and walks you through actual Analytics scenarios

What’s included

Learning materials

Learning materials

4 courses
22 video
19 quizzes
1 assignment
Diploma of Completion

Diploma of Completion

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