Citizen AI Developer

Learn how to build ML automation solutions using no-code approach

Citizen AI Developer’s journey

The Citizen AI Developer studies business logic and applicable documents, and defines rules and corner cases. They work closely with subject matter experts (SMEs) on data set collection, have a deep understanding of document logic, and tag data sets for model training. They also deliver a model that handles document data and lead the implementation of ML improvements and re-training

What you'll learn

Core Intelligent Automation Cloud components and how to automate real business cases with it
How to customize your workflow depending on your business needs
Overview of typical machine learning use cases
How to interpret and measure data
How to analyze ML model results and propose ways to improve them
How to train SMEs to tag documents properly to ensure a high-quality data set
ML project complete delivery process, and more

Flexible & 100% online

Flexible & 100% online

Start instantly and learn on your own schedule

Time estimated

Completion Time: approx. 17 hours

Self-guided materials and trainer support assets are included

Your Automation Journey includes 5 courses:

Get to Know Intelligent Automation Cloud

Learn about each capability’s value and ease of use. Explore the stages of an automation journey, and how to achieve immediate, scalable results

Work with Intelligent Automation Cloud

Gain basic knowledge of how Intelligent Automation Cloud works, its applications (Control Tower, WorkSpace, WorkFusion Studio), services it uses, and business needs it solves

Building Human-in-the-Loop

Get to know the Manual Task Builder tool, including its components and interface, how to create manual tasks using different templates based on business needs, and how to process them

No-Code Machine Learning

Learn how to create and perform manual tasks, and how to train and modify models with a no-code approach to achieve fully automated process implementation

No-Code Automation Certification

Upon completion of the certification assignment, you will be able to automate real business use cases with the machine learning technology in scope

Why enroll?

Why enroll?

Upskill in building small- and medium-complexity automation solutions using the machine learning capability of Intelligent Automation Cloud

What is included

Learning materials

Learning materials

5 courses
23 videos
15 quizzes
7 assignments
1 certification assignment
Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

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