Intelligent Automation for Banking

Everything you need to start building an automation strategy for your organization — designed expressly for executives and visionary leaders in the banking industry.

About this course

In just a few hours, you will learn about business problems that are pervasive for many banks, and consider ways to approach them with state-of-the-art automation technologies. We’ll cover issues that affect operations, infrastructure, risk elimination, and more.

What you'll learn

Four critical challenges to banking
Why many banks’ current strategy is flawed
How to redefine your automation strategy
Perspectives for banks' development and investments

Who this course is for

This course is designed for banking executives and leaders seeking to improve their businesses with advanced technologies.

Flexible & 100% online course

Flexible & 100% online course

Start instantly and learn on your own schedule.

Time estimated

Time required: 4-5 hours

This self-guided course includes 5 learning modules that take about an hour each to complete. Start, stop, and resume at your own pace.

Course content

As is true for every institution, banks need to evolve under pressure from changing circumstances. We think automation offers a path to optimizing banks’ infrastructure — so they can not only survive in a highly competitive market, but actually increase both customer and employee satisfaction levels. In this course, you’ll gain an overview of the past and the future of banking. We’ll explain why Intelligent Automation is the most optimal solution for common contemporary challenges and offer case studies demonstrating how automation addressed these critical problems. Finally, you’ll read predictions of market changes and future investment opportunities.

Banking challenges

Let’s consider the common and critical problems that banks face today — and how automation offers solutions. As an example, we present one major success story: ATMs.

Benefits of Intelligent Automation

Rumors and myths around new technologies are often caused by disinformation or consumers’ lack of knowledge. Let’s discuss current automation solutions’ capabilities, and what benefits they can bring to the banking industry. We’ll also look at key innovations in automation, explain the stages of workflow automation, and explore the current automation market.

Study real use cases

Part of the course will be practical analysis, connecting some primary banking challenges with applicable automation technologies, to demonstrate how you can optimize particular business processes with automation and machine learning.

Where to start?

We also want to help you build an automation strategy — identifying the most critical areas for automation and what steps are needed to start implementing solutions.

Automation that works for you

Automation that works for you

Intelligent Automation Cloud is an exceptionally useful automation platform which can help banks to overcome business challenges — and perhaps even more importantly, it can help them anticipate and prepare for future challenges, too.

What’s included

Learning materials

Learning materials

5 interactive modules
Multiple case studies
4 intermediate quizzes and a recap quiz
Access to RPA community forum

Access to RPA community forum

Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

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