Machine Learning

Enable your team to implement Machine Learning use cases

About this Skill Set

The Machine Learning Engineer is one of most technically skilled roles. ML Engineer can automate at scale and deliver a continuously improving process into production with WorkFusion's AutoML.

What you'll learn

Typical Machine Learning use cases and how to set them up
Training sets and ML components configuration
How to implement post-processing
How to perform A/B testing on production systems, understand issues like logging and security, and learn how to make data useful

Who is this Skill Set for

The Skill Set is created for technical experts who try to keep up with the trends and acquire new skills in machine learning, which is a foundation for WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud.

Flexible & 100% online

Flexible & 100% online

Start instantly and learn at your own schedule.

Time estimated

Approx 10 hours to complete

The Skill Set includes self-guided materials and trainer's support.

Skill Set content

The Skill Set contains interactive modules with videos and knowledge checks, examples, and practice assignments. It consists of the following 6 courses:

Platform Basics

Get an overview of the Intelligent Automation Cloud components, learn you how to navigate user interfaces of the main applications (WorkFusion Studio, Control Tower, WorkSpace) and how to use them in automating a real business case.

RPA Core

Focus on developing Bot Tasks, which contain the work assignments for WorkFusion software robots.

Machine Learning Basics

Learn the basics of Cognitive Automation and what is WorkFusion's approach to solving cognitive use cases.

Machine Learning Automation

Discover how to solve cognitive automation tasks using WorkFusion's AutoML.


Get a guide to advanced techniques of using WorkFusion AutoML SDK component.

ML Engineer Certification

Deliver an actual PoC use case during certification assignment.

Why to learn

Why to learn

Forward-thinking companies choose WorkFusion’s Intelligent Automation Cloud to reduce their cost, upgrade customer experience and gain a competitive edge. Upskill your entire team with advanced Automation Academy training and join other companies in their transition to more meaningful work.

What’s included

Learning materials

Learning materials

6 courses
39 video tutorials
50+ assignments
Git examples
Access to RPA/ML community forum

Access to RPA/ML community forum

Certificate of completion

Certificate of completion

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