Support Engineer

Learn to successfully integrate the Intelligent Automation Cloud platform into your business operations, and how to monitor and troubleshoot automation

Support Engineer’s journey

The Support Engineer troubleshoots and maintains business processes run in production, and is expected to have access permissions to configure servers for Open Development Framework 2 (ODF2)

What you'll learn

Analyze SMEs' problems with WorkFusion tools
Map business problem definitions to technical causes
Fix all WorkFusion standard components
Access a library of specific solutions
Use and tweak Kibana for platform monitoring

Flexible & 100% online

Flexible & 100% online

Start instantly and learn on your own schedule

Time estimated

Completion time: approximately 28 hours

Self-guided materials and trainers' support are included

Your Automation Journey includes 6 courses:

Get to Know Intelligent Automation Cloud

Learn about each capability’s value and ease of use. Explore the stages of an automation journey, and how to achieve immediate, scalable results

Work with Intelligent Automation Cloud

Gain basic knowledge of how Intelligent Automation Cloud works, its applications (Control Tower, WorkSpace, WorkFusion Studio), services it uses, and business needs it solves

Platform Troubleshooting: Basics

This course is designed for IT Specialists, who will be responsible for quickly solving all issues regarding Intelligent Automation Cloud components

Platform Troubleshooting: Advanced

This course is for IT specialists responsible for quickly solving issues with business processes and WorkFusion components in your organization.

Platform Diagnostics: Basics

SMEs and Developers will learn how Kibana can be used as a monitoring tool and a single point for storing all logs and metrics

Platform Diagnostics: Advanced

IT Support Specialists will learn how Kibana can be used as a monitoring tool for advanced health checks and performance reviews for all components of the Intelligent Automation Cloud

Platform Maintenance Certification

In order to be certified as an Support Engineer, you must successfully complete a final assignment on diagnostic and troubleshooting

Why enroll?

Why enroll?

End-to-end platform ownership offers a strong combination of expertise and skills related to platform maintenance through various parts of the user journey. Discover best practices for how to optimize your diagnostics workflow and quickly access solutions to problems during platform usage, installation, upgrading, or configuration

What’s included

Learning materials

Learning materials

6 courses
40+ video materials
16 assignments
1 certification assignment
Certificate of Completion

Certificate of Completion

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