System Integrators

Our Intelligent Automation expertise enables you to make out-of-the-box solutions applicable on every business level.

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About the Program

We allow you to be a part of the global effort to transform enterprises with Digital workforce. Training program is key as it will help you to start using our technology in shortest period of time and become a leading architect of automation as fast as possible.

We all claim that we need network to build business: what we claim is that network power can make the technology better. We call it WorkFusion Network and it can improve ML models at scale without compromising sensitive data.

Whom we enable

All the technical and business people who are necessary for the founding and creation of the Center of Excellence:

  • Analysts
  • Consultants
  • SREs
  • Automation Engineers
  • Support Engineers.

Roadmap for System Integrators:

Choose the journey

Automation Academy is our in-house automation training program, where all roles learn to deploy out-of-the-box or custom Digital Workers.

Enable your team

Our pre-built enablement program built around Automation Academy for all the roles necessary for both journeys.

Start automating

Our customers have a pipeline of complex business cases to automate, which will provide them with field experience.

Scale the business

With WorkFusion’s advanced capabilities, the spectrum of automation opportunities widens daily — both within current customers and by customer base growth.

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Build your automation Center of Excellence

Build delivery, platform, and consulting teams that form your Automation CoE, which creates, modifies, and maintains Digital Workers.

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Ignite Program

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Get started with out-of-the-box Digital Workers

After selecting Digital Worker(s) to join your team, learn how to work with your new colleague(s) and master platform capabilities.

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