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Because we believe in empowering everyone with knowledge, we have made several of our online automation courses free and available to anyone who wants to learn more about automation.

Course: Automation Essentials
Automation Essentials

Are you new to automation? This free automation course will give you a comprehensive overview of Intelligent Automation and enable you to speak confidently and compellingly about the implementation, strategy, market, economics and challenges around RPA and cognitive automation. See details.

2 hours
Course: Introduction to Intelligent Automation Cloud Express
Introduction to Intelligent Automation Cloud Express

This online RPA course offers comprehensive training in robotic process automation and full overview of Intelligent Automation Cloud Express capabilities. You will learn about installation, key features and use cases. This course is excellent for operations leaders and anyone who wants to know how RPA tools can benefit their business. See details.

2 hours
Course: Power User Basic
Power User Basic

In this automation training course, you will learn Optical Character Recognition (OCR), see how to navigate the user interface of WorkFusion Control Tower and use it in automating your business processes and how to handle automation exceptions.

6 hours

By getting best-in-class automation training, WorkFusion’s partners are able to deliver digital transformation at scale, accelerating business outcomes for enterprises globally.

Partner course: RPA Developer
RPA Developer

This online RPA certification course offers advanced robotic process automation training and focuses on developing bot tasks, which contain the work assignments for WorkFusion software robots, or automations. These robots automate the parts of business processes that are rule-based, repetitive and transactional.

42 hours
Partner course: Machine Learning Data Analyst
Machine Learning Data Analyst

This learning path offers advanced robotic automation training and gets you on track towards building cognitive automation by teaching you how to collect complete, consistent, normalized and diverse data. You will learn the crucial task of building training sets to enable machine learning.

50 hours
Partner course: Machine Learning Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer

The core of WorkFusion Intelligent Automation is AutoML. With this, a Machine Learning Engineer can automate at scale and deliver continuously improving processes into production without need for a data scientist on the team.

50 hours
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Find your own path

Our automation training is designed for different kinds of users. By dividing our courses into separate tracks, we make it easy to find the learning path that suits your skills and needs. 

RPA certification courses
Learn about automation

Are you a business user who wants to learn how RPA and cognitive automation can reduce cost, increase capacity, and improve service delivery for your operation? These online automation courses will give you the knowledge you need to understand and build transformative digital solutions.

Robotic process automation training
Learn to build automation

Are you a developer who wants to learn how to build robotic capabilities to automate processes? Our advanced courses offer comprehensive automation training and teach developers with a Java background how to implement automation with WorkFusion, from basic RPA tools to cognitive automation.

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