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Expand Program

Build delivery, platform, and consulting teams to form your automation Center of Excellence.

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About the Expand Program

Build delivery, platform, and consulting teams that form your Automation CoE, which creates, modifies, and maintains Digital Workers.

Whom we enable

  • Technical users who organize delivery teams
  • Technical users who own and maintain the platform

Programs to select

Guided Certification

Complete Automation Academy courses under the guidance of our trainers, who will assist with assignments and tailor the curriculum to your needs

  • Automation Consultant
  • Automation Engineer
  • ML Engineer
  • Upskill to Lead/Architect
  • Data Analyst
  • Support Engineer


After you complete the Automation Academy curriculum, the next step is to meet in the classroom and tackle your most complex business cases with the help of our trainers.

  • Automation Engineer
  • ML Engineer
  • Citizen Developer

Bridge training

After our delivery team finishes development of custom Digital Worker, we can help you to investigate and modify it.

  • Automation Engineer
  • ML Engineer
  • Automation Architect
  • Data Analyst
  • Citizen Developer

Scope of the program:

*Up for customization upon requirements

Guided Certification
Bridge training
Guided Certification

WEEK 1: Preparations

90 min
Pre-requisite courses
  • Get to Know intelligent Automation Cloud
  • Intelligent Automation for Banking
  • Platform Basics
  • Development Standards
90 min

Live session

  • Kick-off call
  • Consultations with trainer
  • Support in installation of development tools
  • Wrap up call

WEEK 2-3: Supervised Learning

90 min

Daily schedule

  • Kick-off call
  • Mid-day session:
    • Code-based RPA (10 assignments)
    • Using ML Models (6 assignments)
  • End-of-day: feedback on assignments

WEEK 4: Certification + Feedback

90 min

Academy certification

  • Code Automation Certification
90 min

Live session

  • Feedback sessions

Academy courses:

  • Platform Diagnostics: Basics
  • Platform Diagnostics: Advanced


90 min

Self enablement:

  • Key business courses
  • Automation Engineer courses
We recommend taking these courses during Guided Certification.
90 min

Infrastructure setup

WEEK 1: Training sessions

WorkFusion Technology Deep Dive:

  • Intelligent Automation Cloud platform review, CI/CD, ODF 2.0

Development process:

  • In-depth overview of the platform and development tools
  • Learn about the business case
  • Design a custom Digital Worker to solve your business case

WEEK 2: Training sessions + Certification

90 min

Continuation of the delivery process:

  • Business case is solved and the Digital Worker is delivered in test environment
  • All participants are certified (blue certificates)
90 min

Assignments submission + Certification

Bridge training


Delivery process

Start of delivery




Go live

Customer self-enablement goes in parallel:

Onboarding to Automation Academy

  • Multiple roles take courses in Automation Academy
  • Training outline is prepared


WEEK 1-2: Bridge Training

Training timeline

Intense training with a WorkFusion delivery engineer who teaches and supervises your team whose main purpose is to explain the solution and teach how to use and modify it:

Deep-dive into platform

Overview of Digital Worker

Modification of Digital Worker (new connectors or ML models)

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