Celebrating 3+ Years of Automation Training and Enablement

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One of the building blocks in any automation program’s success is quality education and training for internal teams. That is why, in 2017, WorkFusion launched its online automation training platform, Automation Academy®, to provide our customers and partners with knowledge and hands-on experience. Not only do participants learn best practices for WorkFusion products, but also gain skills to further achieve maximum benefits from implementing Intelligent Automation in their organizations.

In its first three years, Automation Academy has become not only a premier enablement instrument for our customers but also an educational resource for visionaries from multiple industries who are discovering the benefits of Intelligent Automation.

yury shilyaevFrom the very beginning, we positioned Automation Academy as a unified learning hub, to enable our customers and partners to benefit from Intelligent Automation. We also aimed to target more than one role and educate their company at large, from developers to operational directors.

Yury Shilyaev, Director, Digital Products, WorkFusion

Over our history, training managers, instructors, engineers, delivery managers, data analysts and other WorkFusion folks worked hard to design learning paths for every essential role in the automation team. Assembling and enabling this team will help our customers and partners implement WorkFusion from A to Z, with the highest possible ROI.

We appreciate our participating customers and partners for providing feedback and continuously helping us to improve our products and training courses. As we always look forward, we also want to take this opportunity to also look back and remember some important milestones we have achieved together.

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Read "How Does Automation Academy Empower Enterprises?" in the WorkFusion blog. You will gain insight into our training approaches and methods, see how the training process is organized (with a real-world example from our customer HPE), and learn why the best people to implement Intelligent Automation in your company are your own employees.