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Automation Training

Business process automation is becoming more and more ubiquitous, spreading even to industries that weren’t considered an obvious fit in the past. With free robotic process automation tools, such as Intelligent Automation Cloud Express, now not only RPA developers, but also even employees with no programming background can automate daily routine work. With many available online learning resources, it is now easier than ever to start automating without prior knowledge in RPA.

To support you on your automation path, we have put together this short guide to help you get started with RPA faster.

Kick off your journey with ‘Getting Started’

The first time using a new tool can be very confusing, especially if you have never used this type of software before.

We created a special Getting Started guide to walk you through the first hour of using WorkFusion software, from the basics of installation to actually creating your first automation script using a library of pre-build actions.

Run ‘Examples’ to see automation capabilities

WorkFusion Studio is supplied with several ready-built scripts that you can run to see automation in action with minimal customization. These will help you see automation capabilities right away and offer ideas of what processes within your organization you could automate.

If you want to dig deeper into the examples and understand how they are made, you can see detailed explanations of most scripts in the Examples library and use their re-usable components to build your own workflows.

Read (and re-read!) Knowledge Base articles

After you have started automating your routine tasks, the best way to deepen your knowledge of Intelligent Automation Cloud Express is by studying the documentation. It contains a detailed explanation of how each action works, along with video tutorials and examples.

Here are some of the most popular sections in the Knowledge Base that you might want to add to your bookmarks.

RPA Recorder

This page tells you how to automate tasks using the recording capabilities of Intelligent Automation Cloud  Express: How to capture your actions onscreen, as well as edit and troubleshoot the resulting workflows to make sure they run smoothly in different situations.

Actions Library

The Actions Library page contains detailed guides on all actions available in WorkFusion Studio, including actions for automating websites and working with Excel files, text actions, optical character recognition (OCR) and many others. Most articles also have video guides demonstrating how to use these actions in a script.

Best Practices 

This covers recommended approaches to installing and updating Intelligent Automation Cloud  Express, automating certain applications, such as Excel and Outlook, and taking a general approach to automation using codeless capabilities with WorkFusion.

Watch training videos

If you are more of a visual learner, you might want to study the tool by watching video tutorials. Training videos available in our Knowledge Base cover the main automation capabilities of Intelligent Automation Cloud  Express with practical examples of building scripts. 

Video tutorials of a slightly different format are also available on YouTube. They show how to work with certain actions through a step-by-step automation of real-life use cases. You may prefer to learn by watching how the tool can be used in practice rather than learning about its capabilities first.

Get certified in Automation Academy

The place where you can get all this knowledge condensed in one place is Automation Academy.

Community courses, free and available for all users, include videos, links to documentation, examples and other training materials available in three languages: English, Spanish and Japanese. Plus, upon completing a course, students receive a certificate.

Learn automation and get certified for free