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Dozens of courses, multiple learning journeys, and hours of videos will help you to become a skilled automaton professional.

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About the University Program

University Program provides a foundation and path to a successful career in automation and industries which implement it. Our learning platform is where engineers of various levels of experience kickstart their journeys in the AI revolution.

We complement students’ programs with the tools and materials designed to help enterprises. It does not mean you will be offered sophisticated tools for your level. You will solve simple business cases with industry-grade tools to make the post-graduation period less challenging.

Whom we enable

  • Junior or future engineers eager to apply their skills to automation as soon as the first year of studies.
  • Future managers and analysts who want to learn new approaches to fighting financial crimes and redesigning operations processes in the banking and insurance industries.

What we offer

  • Students can learn about Intelligent Automation Industry and our Digital Workers, which achieve record Automation Rate metrics.
  • Students build Digital Workers themselves — experiment with different development tools, including our state-of-the-art No-code Machine Learning capability.
  • Modern learning platform with hours of materials, an automation platform, a documentation portal, support, and code examples you can learn from.
  • Earn certificates, share them online to build your brand, and use as proof of your skills for future employers.

Courses for all technical skill levels

Business courses

Gain market perspective, learn about Intelligent Automation and business cases it solves.

No-code courses

Simple but effective tools that lead to profits.

Java courses

Our assignments and other learning materials help you practice and enhance your Java skills.

Amount of technical skills required

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Digital Workers Digital Workers

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Automation Center of Excellence Automation Center of Excellence

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Build delivery, platform, and consulting teams that form your Automation CoE, which creates, modifies, and maintains Digital Workers.

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