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Learn how to set up and maintain automation in your organization based on best practices using existing Digital Workers on Intelligent Automation Cloud

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Automation Lead’s journey

Automation Leads must solve complex technical problems in order to lead digital transformation at their organizations, and decide between competing solutions to bring maximum value. In this Automation Journey, Automation Leads will learn how Digital Workers can transform workflows in their business

What you’ll learn

  • How new automation technologies can solve critical problems in Banking and Insurance industries
  • Basics of digital transformation, and benefits and costs of automation
  • Core Intelligent Automation Cloud components and how to automate real business cases using it
  • How to customize your workflow depending on your business needs
  • How to use existing Digital Workers for automation

Your Automation Journey includes 8 courses:

Automation Essentials

Covers key automation concepts, focusing on examples and implementation of best practices.

Get to Know Intelligent Automation Cloud

This comprehensive guide provides a detailed overview of the platform’s capabilities.

Intelligent Automation for Banking

An overview of the past and the future of banking provides context for a detailed explanation of why Intelligent Automation is the most optimal solution for today’s banking challenges

Intelligent Automation for Insurance

Learn about business problems that are pervasive for many insurance companies, and consider ways to approach them with state-of-the-art automation technologies. This course covers issues that affect operations, infrastructure, risk elimination, and more

Working with Evelyn (Adverse Media Monitoring)

Showcases Evelyn, one of our Digital Workers, including her full installation and configuration. You will know how to run this Digital Worker and review results

Working with Tara

Showcases Tara, one of our Digital Workers, including her full installation and configuration. You will know how to run this Digital Worker and review results.

Working with Kendrick

Showcases Kendrick, your AI Customer Identity Program Analyst. Learn how to run this Digital Worker via Control Tower and analyze results in WorkSpace.

Working with Darryl

Showcases Darryl, your AI Customer Due Diligence Program Analyst. Learn how to start, run, and customize this Digital Worker.

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